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How Hardinge's Premium Services Improve CNC Machinery's Performance

9 月 8, 2021 - 磨削, HARDINGE 博客, 铣削
Blog_Top_How Hardinge’s Premium Services Improve CNC Machinery’s Performance

Hardinge’s portfolio of CNC machines and metal cutting equipment can produce workpieces with astonishing levels of precision and form tolerances from a variety of challenging materials. Our super precise machines feature best practice design and hardware/software integration to consistently and repeatedly produce high-quality parts for complex and intricate industry applications – with resolutions up to .5 micron.

But to achieve these demanding levels of precision and quality, CNC machines must be operating at 100% accuracy with no deviation in linear positioning. However, CNC machines’ accuracy and performance can degrade over time from wear and tear, stress, vibrations, even incorrect installation. CNC machine tools can lose their positioning accuracy and introduce machining errors over time without periodic checking and recalibration. The machine may still be operating, but it will produce defective parts that don’t meet specifications and will have to be scrapped.

Taking a proactive approach to CNC machine maintenance can keep you on top of your equipment performance measures at all times. A comprehensive maintenance service program can reduce material waste and increase productivity by keeping CNC machines operating at peak efficiency and accuracy. Along with reducing unscheduled downtime, preventative maintenance services can also prolong the life and accuracy of CNC equipment and prevent costly emergency repairs. Rather than reacting when machine downtime occurs, the proactive maintenance team can quickly diagnose and resolve the root causes of CNC machine tool errors before they become a significant problem.

Premium Support for Demanding CNC Applications

Some manufacturers invest in premium technical services from an experienced, factory-trained professional to ensure optimal performance and reliability for their CNC machines. These “platinum grade” technical services are suitable for those customers whose CNC machines are mission-critical to their operations and must have maximum performance and uptime. Premium service contracts, such as the Premium Service Contract Programs from Hardinge, take standard maintenance up a notch, providing incremental services that minimize machine disruptions and downtime.

Depending on the contract terms and provider, premium service programs can feature must-have service deliverables such as expedited shipments of spare parts, 24/7 help desk access, and faster service response times, as well as staff training and annual machine inspection. While premium services cost more, they can pay dividends in optimized availability and better performance for critical CNC equipment.

Premium Maintenance Services – An Investment in Corporate Success

When deciding if upgrading to premium technical services is warranted, companies should calculate the full-blown business expenses associated with their CNC machine malfunctioning or breaking down. The results of such calculations can be eye-opening.

The average manufacturer experiences hundreds of hours of downtime per year, resulting in associated costs from lost productivity and/or sales revenue, compensation for emergency on-site technicians, rushed shipment costs for replacement parts, etc. An honest assessment of machine downtime’s costs and ancillary effects — such as missed deadlines, damaged customer goodwill, or reduced employee morale — can help justify the investment in premium technical services and quantify their benefits.

Having predictable machine capacity and reliable equipment performance is crucial to successful manufacturing operations. Machine shops with meticulously maintained CNC machines have a valuable edge over competitors with less reliable equipment. In this case, an investment in premium technical services and OEM parts for your CNC equipment is a strategic investment in your company’s success. It enables you to confidently accept complex orders from customers, knowing you can deliver high-quality parts on time and within budget. This results in a stronger brand image and improved customer satisfaction.

Maximize the Performance of Hardinge Equipment with our Technical Services

As a leading world manufacturer of CNC machinery, Hardinge offers a range of support contracts and service programs tailored to our customers’ needs. Designed to minimize downtime and extend the life of your valuable high-precision equipment, our services include preventative and proactive maintenance, breakdown resolution, and machine assurance activities – all delivered by factory-trained and certified technicians.

For Hardinge customers who require maximum uptime and predictable costs, our premium service programs can deliver proactive maintenance services, on-site machine checks, staff training, and robust help desk support when needed. For example, our 性能保证计划 helps customers avoid CNC machine inaccuracies with an equipment inspection nine months after purchase. We check the machine’s geometry, scales, and spindles and reverify them against factory specifications, followed by a detailed equipment health report.

For ultimate protection, our top-of-the-line Elite service program provides:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Service to help ensure continued reliable machine performance.
  • Annual Service Review to identify future service needs and design preventative maintenance around them.
  • Reliability updates to ensure dependable machine performance and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Priority Dispatch and Rapid Deployment of Parts escalates your service call and ships your OEM spare parts as quickly as possible.
  • Predictable Expenses and Cost Savings from unlimited on-site labor, flat rate travel fees, and discounts on genuine OEM spare parts and machine accessories.
  • 7/24 diagnostics with Kelremote (where available) deliver round-the-clock technical assistance from Hardinge factory trained and certified help desk staff.


Hardinge Technical Service programs provide the best benefits and value we’ve ever offered on a single contract. To learn more about Hardinge Technical Services, visit

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