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Introducing the VOUMARD 1000 – A New Standard in ID Grinding

3 月 24, 2020 - 磨削

Today we introduced the VOUMARD® 1000 Universal CNC Internal grinding machine, a flexible and innovative inside diameter (ID) grinder designed to exceed the most demanding grinding requirements.

The all-new VOUMARD 1000 is equipped with innovative hydrostatic guideways across all axis and features nearly infinite configuration options to support the broadest range of applications. Combining precision, high performance and quality, the VOUMARD 1000 is suitable for a number of industries with exacting manufacturing standards, including aerospace and medical.

Replacing the popular VOUMARD 110, VOUMARD 130 and parts of the VOUMARD 150 series, the new VOUMARD 1000 provides the highest performance across ID grinding applications, efficiently and affordably delivering high-precision parts with fine surface finishes and tight tolerances. In keeping with the VOUMARD line’s specific ability to process work pieces with larger diameters and/or lengths, the VOUMARD 1000 can machine work pieces with a length of 300mm and 300mm swing diameter over the table.

“We are introducing a new system that incorporates feedback we received from customers, from the rigid base to the hydrostatic guides in combination with direct drives on all axis, all the way to the new user interface on our controls,” said Helmut Gaisberger, Global Director Product Management of Hardinge Grinding. “Other than traditional grinding machine designs, the VOUMARD 1000 offers up to 5 fully functional CNC axis with outstanding positioning accuracies in the nanometer range as well as best-in-class tool and work piece management. The new concept substitutes additional movement for dressing and measuring devices.”

The VOUMARD® 1000 Universal CNC Internal Grinding 機器

Incorporating Hardinge’s usual high quality and innovative design, the VOUMARD 1000 sets a new standard in ID grinding and offers the following improvements:

  • Innovative HYDROLIN® hydrostatic guideways provide the highest performance – The VOUMARD 1000 features the newest generation of hydrostatic guideways on all axis for superb precision and productivity. It provides excellent damping, stick-slip-free operation and high rigidity (wraparound guideway), resulting in outstanding surface quality and more reliability without any friction loss and wear.
  • Ultra-precision accuracy with a fast oscillation for even the smallest diameters to enhance productivity– The VOUMARD 1000’s unique design does not have coupling joints to perform without any backlash, offers superior positioning accuracy-less corrections, as well as optimized thermodynamics in its direct drive linear motor system for better cooling management.
  • Unique, compact hydrostatic spindle turret configuration for ideal accessibility and larger spectrum of parts. The new system offers a hydrostatic B-axis, with benchmarking positioning repeatability.
  • Advantages in high precision also in non-round grinding and improved accessibility with compact “table turret” collision-free dressing – The table turret on the hydrostatic B2 axis, can optionally be equipped with a work head and a high-precision rotation axis (C axis) with direct measuring system and torque motor. Enabling maximum roundness and precision in the fine adjustment of the cylindricity of the inner diameter during cylindrical grinding. A large selection of clamping devices and steady rests completes the available options.
  • New compact, ergonomic machine design for better overview during grinding process and accessibility for best in class tool and work piece management.
  • Fanuc 31i control for improved operator access, fast programming and retooling, even for inexperienced operators. The latest BLUE solution software created specifically for the Hardinge grinding product brands is available on the new VOUMARD 1000 with object guide for easy operation and short set-up times. BLACK CAM Solution for CAM Functionality is available optionally.

Hardinge – Leading the Way to Internal/External Grinding Perfection

Hardinge, Inc. is the trusted global provider of high precision, computer-controlled machine tool solutions for critical, hard-to-machine metal parts and advanced workholding accessories. For over 80 years, the VOUMARD brand has been a global leader in innovative cylindrical ID/OD grinding machines with almost 10,000 machines installed around the world.

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