Weisser ARTERY

Multifunctional horizontal machining center

Multifunctional high-performance machining center for turning operations or turn-mill complete machining in one or two setups.  Available as a highly efficient 5-axis precision turning machine and as turnmill center for autonomous, highly precise and cost efficient 6-sided complete machining.

Working Area M-1 4X M-2 5X M-2 TM
Turning length 1,200 mm 1,200 mm 1,200 mm
Chuck diameter Up to 350 mm Up to 350 mm Up to 350 mm
Main & (Sub Spindle) Speed (Max.) 5,700 (4,000) RPM 5,700 (4,000) RPM 5,700 (4,000) RPM
Spindle Bore (optional) 80 (120) mm 80 (120) mm 80 (120) mm
Spindle Nose 210 (+130/-80) mm 210 (+130/-80) mm 210 (+130/-80) mm
Tool Holder - BMT 65s / VDI 40 BMT 65s / VDI 40
B-Axis Swivel Range - - ± 120º
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,500 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm 4,500 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm 4,500 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm
Weight ~ 14,000 kg ~ 15,000 kg ~ 15,000 kg

Multifunctional by the meter

Automated 6-sided complete machining by simultaneous turning and/or milling of bar material workpiece of up to 100mm diameter and 1.200 mm turning length.

The high flexibility of the ARTERY could be used in many industries such as precision engineering, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, and much more. The ARTERY manufactures first class surfaces and enables maximum space saving through the DIRECT-WALL-CONCEPT.

6-sided complete machining without compromise

The design of the ARTERY represents a visionary, innovative form. The specific use of facetted surfaces, dynamic edges and the colour concept emphasise the high precision, stability and dynamics of the turning/milling center.

  • Simultaneous turning and/or turning and milling
  • User-friendly, functional design
  • Large working area with compact footprint
  • Vibration optimized construction
  • Service-friendly access to all relevant components

The combination of Y/B-axis, milling spindle with 100 Nm and a disk turret equipped with tool carrier and counter spindle enables efficient turning and milling in one process.

More flexibility through customized workspace configuration for complete machining of workpieces

  • Long Z-axis
  • Transparent graphics for status control
  • Control panel with WEISSER 360 diagnostic
  • Generously equipped, swivelling control panel center (i4.0 ready)
  • Highly stable guiding systems and ball screws
  • Large dimensions and the highest quality materials used for guides and ball screws ensures minimal wear, which leads to a lower maintenance and repair costs.
  • Maximum stability and long-term accuracy
  • Vibration-optimized thermosymmetrical construction. The FEM- and topology-optimized monoblock machine base and the slide units ensure high stability, which is further supported by a strongly ribbed, low-vibration horizontally aligned cast construction.
  • Robot automation offers a highly flexible loading and unloading method for your machining center. Machining solutions with robot automation are customized to individual requirements. Related processes (such as measuring, marking, washing) can also be handled in a space-saving manner and offer maximum availability.
  • Minimization of setup time through flexible tool handling. The highly dynamic, robust NC-controlled chain magazine supports the productivity of the ARTERY. There are up to 102 magazine positions in the chain, and a total of 104 tool places are available for workpiece machining, tool input station with good accessibility from front makes it more efficient.

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