Efficient, modular, and precise

As a standardized machine, the KELLENBERGER® 10 is able to deliver a price-performance ratio yet to be matched. Combining proven components now updated according to the latest technology, with an intuitive programming surface, it creates a very capable base easily customizable by a range of optional equipment to the needs of the customer.

Distance between centres mm 1000
Centre height mm 200
Weight of workpiece between centres kg up to 100
Load on chucked work Nm up to 100
Mains voltage required V 400 / 600
Power consumption depending on equipment A up to 40
Space required / length x width mm 2.7 x 2.2 / 3.5 x 2.2
Total weight kg 4.000
Table/Slide Z-axis
Travel mm 1.150
Rapid traverse speed m/min up to 20
Resolution mm 0.00001
Wheelslide X-axis
Travel mm 365
Rapid traverse speed m/min up to 10
Resolution mm 0.00001
Swivel devices
Swiveling range degree 240
Automatic indexing of resolution degree 1
Water-cooled drive motor KW 7.5
Performance peripheral speed m/s up to 50
Grinding wheel dimensions mm up to Ø500x80
Internal grinding device
Bore for spindles up to mm 150
Power, HF spindles KW up to 7.5
Rotation speed rpm up to 60.000
Rotation spindle speed rpm 1 - 1,000
Interface ISO 702-1, Size 5/MT5
Roundness accuracy in chucked work μm 0.4 (optional 0.2)
Internal taper MT4
Retraction of sleeve mm 49
Micro-adjustment μm / Ø ± 60

The KELLENBERGER 10 universal CNC OD/ID grinding machine is a new, high-performance, and economical grinder for use across a wide array of medium- to large-scale universal grinding applications.  Designed and built upon KELLENBERGER’s innovative Plattformkonzept, the Swiss-Made KELLENBERGER 10 grinding machine is highly configurable and offers a plethora of industry-leading options to accommodate the widest range of universal grinding operations across the semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, high-end tool and die industries, and beyond.

  • Price-Performance Ratio – Unmatched value for performance and function in market
  • BLUE Solution Software on a 19” touch display
  • Guided programming and retooling, even for inexperienced operators
  • The standard machine for beginners and experts in the precision grinding segment
  • Designed for workpieces smaller than Ø 400 mm x 1000 mm
  • Between tips up to 100 kg, Flying up to 80 kg

The KELLENBERGER 10 is equipped with FANUC Oi-F Plus, featuring:

  • FANUC 0i-F Plus with 19″ touch display
  • Intuitive operation thanks to
    BLUE Solution with Object Guide
  • Clear, self-explanatory screen pages
  • Work application integrated technology calculator for grinding processes
  • Online operating and maintenance instructions

Flexible, simple, cost-efficient, accurate and reliable

The last VISTA hands the scepter over to the NEW KELLENBERGER 10.

The development department in Goldach (Switzerland) laid the foundation stone of this success story 20 years ago.

Thanks to the uncompromising orientation towards customer requirements, a large part of the approximately 1000 VISTA machines supplied still reliably refine your workpieces today.

Kellenberger Vista

Kellenberger Vista_2017 featured

“We developed a unique machine in a price segment that was new to Kellenberger, while at the same time maintaining a high Kellenberger quality standard and can look back on very successful sales. The machine was characterized by easy handling and could be used for all areas with little training effort. It was very popular and found its place in a wide range of industries and was used for single-part production as well as for productive series production”, reports Bernard Gschwend, Director of Engineering.


Kellenberger K10 demo1

The success features are once again being taken to a new level. By combining over 100 years of experience in the construction of grinding machines with the latest technology, the KELLENBERGER 10 sets the new standard in this price segment.

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