Designed for small parts processing, a convenient choice for mass production

With over 130 years experience in precision CNC turning technology, Hardinge built TC-Series horizontal CNC lathes for high efficiency and high performance with a very compact footprint, and capability of integrated automation loading/unloading system all-in one machine, which can meet requirements for customers in many industries.

TC 150 TC 200
Spindle Power Siemens 11 kW / Fanuc 13.3 kW Siemens 11 kW / Fanuc 13.3 kW
Max. Spindle Speed 6000 rpm 5000 rpm
Travels: X, Z 188 mm x 380 mm 188 mm x 380 mm
X/Z Axis Rapid Traverse Rate 30 m/min 30 m/min
Turret Capacity 8 (12) 8 (12)
Tool Change Time (T-T) 0.5 S 0.5 S
Length x Width x Height 1830 x 1560 x 1850 mm 1830 x 1560 x 1850 mm
Weight 2850 kg 2850 kg


  • 4” Display
  • F Fanuc 0i TF Plus 10.4″ color monitor Automatic central lubrication system (Grease)
  • Tri-stack status light
  • Coolant tank and pump
  • LED lighting
  • Dynamic graphic display
  • 8 stations Servo driven turret
  • Air gun Spindle clamp/unclamp foot switch
  • Three-jaw chuck (including a pair of soft jaws)
  • Hinge type chip conveyor


  • Siemens 828D
  • Spindle oil chiller 12 stations servo driven turret
  • Tool Set probe X/Y/Z axis linear scales Auto door Portable hand wheel
  • Hydraulic quill tailstock
  • High pressure coolant
  • 20/50/70 bar Chip cart
  • Oil mist collector Part Catcher

Standard: Fanuc 0i TF Plus Control System

TC Series Fanuc 0i TF Plus Control System

  • Program memory capacity 2MB
  • Number of registered programs 1000
  • Servo Control HRV3
  • Two-axis interpolation
  • Programming Resolution 0.001mm
  • Nano interpolation
  • PCMCIA Interface
  • Embedded Ethernet (100base)
  • USB interface
  • Tool offset pairs, 128pairs

Optional: Siemens 828D Control System

TC Series Siemens 828D ControlSystem

  • 4 “color display
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • 80-bit floating point nanometer calculation accuracy (NANOFP)
  • Program segment switching time 9ms
  • Dynamic graphic display
  • Circular interpolation
  • Feed per minute/Feed per revolution
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Number of tools/cutting edges in the tool table 128/256
  • Graphical Conversational Programming
  • Linear, arc and spiral interpolation
  • CNC user memory (cache), used to store parts CNC
  • machining program 3MB
  • Expansion memory >16 GB via USB device or inserting user

Integrated-in Automation Features

  • Integrated control of machine tool operating system.
  • Compact structure and small foot print.
  • Safety integrated protection design.
  • Stable and reliable gantry structure.
  • The automation can be quickly installed with the machine tool.
  • The integrated gripper module can realize quick change over of gripper and fixture. Standard storage unit selection: For different parts, a variety of feeding systems can be provided.


  • X/Z axis maximum rapid traverse speed: 90/60 m/min
  • Maximum part length: 250mm
  • Maximum part diameter: 100mm
  • Maximum part weight: 2.5kg
  • Drive mode: servo motor