GSi Series

The new GSi series of lathes from Hardinge are based on using many of the same components and designs utilized on previously well proven Hardinge machine platforms we have either offered in the past or are currently producing today. By being very conscious to minimize costs, using existing designs, as well as leveraging suppliers on standardized components we have been able to create a very affordable, compact 2 axis lathe which still offers many of the higher end control features while not sacrificing machine rigidity, reliability and performance for this class of machine. We anticipate this machine will be well accepted and welcomed addition into the very competitive entry level shop, small to mid-size job shop and educational institution markets.

GS150i GS200i
Coolant Facilities
Reservoir Capacity 125L 125L
Pump Size 1.1HP 1.1HP
Pumo Rating 26L 26L
Pressure 30psi (2Bar) 30psi (2Bar)
Turret/Top Plate (Standard)
Type Motor Drive Turret Motor Drive Turret
Number of Stations 12 8
Top Plate Size Across Flat 11.26” (286mm) 11.02” (280mm)
Index Time Next Station (Unlock, Index, & Lock) 45 0.45 sec 0.45 sec
Chuck 6” 8”
Max Speed 6000rpm 5000rpm
Stroke 0.5” (12mm) 0.63” (16mm)
Jaw Movement 0.108” (2.75mm) 0.29” (7.4mm)
Thru Hole 1.77” (45mm) 2.05” (52mm)
External Chucking Capacity 0.51”-6.5” (13mm-169mm) 0.51”-8.26” (13mm-210mm)
CNC Control (Standard) Fanuc 0i TF 8.4“LCD Fanuc 0i TF 8.4“LCD

Main Features:

  • Feature packed, industry leading FANUC control system
  • Environmentally friendly automatic grease lubrication system
  • Proven machine structure based on the existing Hardinge GS150 turning centers
  • Compact footprint, smallest in class
  • Full cast iron 45° base construction
  • Fast Spindle speeds up to 5,000 RPM on GS 200i and 6,000 RPM on GS 150i
  • Rigid Structure
  • One piece bed and base structure
  • Heavy Duty 2-Row Linear Guideway
  • High Precision and High Stifness Spindle
  • X and Z Axis Travels

Fanuc 0iTF

  • 8.4″ Color LCD Display
  • Two Interpolating Axis
  • Programmable Resolution – .0001″/.001mm
  • Tool Offset Capability – .0001″/.001mm
  • Tool Geometry and Tool Wear Offsets (64 pair each)
  • Inch/Metric Data Selection by G-Code
  • 1280 Meters (512KB) Part Program Storage
  • Flash Care Slot Capability (up to 128 MB)

For more please download the brochure below.

Conversational programming features offered on the CNC control is the CNC control builder’s standard product, which may not fully support all machine functions. It is recommended the end user reference the control system documentation, or contact the control manufacturer, for further details of use or customization.