The ultimate expression of the Swiss ethos.

The KELLENBERGER 1000 universal CNC OD/ID grinding machine represents the ultimate expression of the Swiss ethos: a technical tour-de-force encompassing every facet that has come to define KELLENBERGER, a premium Hardinge brand, as the world leader in grinding design, precision, and quality. KELLENBERGER 1000’s clean, sleek, and modern design confidently relays its ability to handle the most demanding universal grinding tasks required for today’s rigorous manufacturing requirements.

Kellenberger 1000
metric imperial
Main specifications
Distance between centres mm inch 1000 / 1600 40 / 63
Grinding length mm inch 1000 / 1500 40 / 59
Centre height mm inch 200 / 250 / 300 7.87 / 9.84 / 11.81
Weight of workpiece between centres kg lbs 150 / 200 / 300 330 / 441 / 660
Load on chucked work Nm lbft 160 / 320 / 750 118 / 236 / 553
Mains voltage required 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 x 460 V / 60 Hz 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 x 460 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption depending on equipment A A 35-63 35-63
Space required / length x width mm inch 3600 x 2050 / 4600 x 2050 141.73 x 80.70 / 181.10 x 80.70
Longitudinal slide: Z-axis
Travel mm inch 1170 / 1670 46.06 / 65.74
Rapid traverse speed m/min ipm 20 787
Resolution µm µinch 0.1 0.004
Wheelslide: X-axis
Travel mm inch 365 14.37
Rapid traverse speed m/min ipm 10 393
Resolution µm µinch 0.1 0.004
Resolution ° ° 0.00002° 0.00002°
Swiveling range ° ° max. 240 max. 241
Wheelhead general
Drive motor water-cooled kW hp 10 13.4
Peripheral grinding wheel speed m/s ft/min max: 45 max: 8860
Wheelhead Universal
Grinding wheel dimensions, lefthand side mm inch 400 / 500 16 / 20
Grinding wheel dimensions, righthand side mm inch 300 / 400 / 500 12 / 16 / 20
Wheelhead Tandem-type
Grinding wheel dimensions, lefthand side mm inch 400 / 500 16 / 20
Grinding wheel dimensions, righthand side mm inch 400 / 500 16 / 20
Wheelhead Diagonal
Grinding wheel dimensions, lefthand side mm inch 400 / 500 16 / 20
Grinding wheel dimensions, righthand side mm inch 400 / 500 16 / 20
Internal grinding attachment
Bore for spindles up to mm inch 120 4.72
HF spindles MFM rpm hp 10 / 15 13.4 / 20.1
Rotational speed 1224 / 42 min-1 rpm 42‘000 42‘000
Rotational speed 1242 / 60 min-1 rpm 60‘000 60‘000
Workhead Standard / Direct drive 200 / Direct drive 300
Rotational spindle speed min-1 rpm 1-1000 / 1-1000 / 1-500 1-1000 / 1-1000 / 1-500
Internal taper MT5 / MT5 / MT6 MT5 / MT5 / MT6
Short taper holder, outside ° ° ISO 702-1: Size 5 / Size 5 / Size 8 ISO 702-1: Size 5 / Size 5 / Size 8
Micro-adjustment sec sec ±60 ±60
Internal taper MT4 MT4
Retraction of sleeve mm inch 49 optional 79 1.96 optional 3.15
Micro-adjustment µm µinch ± 1.5' ±6
CNC control system
Heidenhain GRINDplus 640 GRINDplus 641
FANUC Fanuc 31i Fanuc 31i
Measuring systems
Gap Control KEL-TOUCH

Among the most advanced universal CNC OD/ID grinders in the world, the KELLENBERGER 1000 is designed to deliver the most efficient and capable production functionality available.

The ergonomics of the KELLENBERGER 1000 grinder allow for maximum visibility of the grinding process through premium laminated safety glass.  The machine is centrally arranged and every interface is optimized for complete user control, input, and comfort.  The KELLENBERGER 1000 grinding machine is housed in a fully enclosed, three millimeter-thick case that facilitates internal grinding wheels of up to Ø 125 mm.

Boasting discreet, practically frictionless hydrostatic guideways with accuracy exceeding millionths of an inch, the Kellenberger® 1000 grinder is built on a new, modular platform concept which redefines universal OD/ID grinding.  A fully integrated five-axis control architecture and a redesigned, extended machine table accommodates optimal positioning of the grinding wheel as well as a longer travel distance while simultaneously enabling new machining options and application-specific configurations. Thanks to proprietary design solutions, the KELLENBERGER 1000 grinding machine achieves industry-leading static and dynamic rigidity that effectively eliminates prerequisites for the building foundation on which the machine is placed, and allows for adjustments in increments of 0.1 microns (μm) to be made possible with ease.  An extremely stable cast-iron base independent of the machine itself is the most effective foundation for the new platform concept; it facilitates the best thermal stability while acting as a passive vibration dampener to achieve the highest accuracy possible.  A sophisticated thermal and energy management system maintains optimal temperatures for all components, including machine hydrostatics, the wheelhead, the high-torque drives, internal grinding spindles, and the electrical cabinet.  To further increase universal ID/OD capabilities, the KELLENBERGER 1000 machine can be outfitted with a high-pressure coolant system capable of output up to 10 bars, an interface for a fire extinguishing system, automatic door drives, and a replacement aid for grinding wheels and the tailstock.

For the most demanding CNC grinding requirements, only the very best solutions will suffice.  As manufacturing demands continue to evolve at a rapid pace, solutions optimized for machine learning and automation are of paramount importance.  For the next generation of precision universal OD/ID CNC grinding and manufacturing, the KELLENBERGER 1000 grinding machine continues to rise to every occasion and does so while yielding significant cost savings, reduced machine downtime, optimized automation, and even greater precision.

The new KELLENBERGER 1000 universal ID/OD grinding machine combines functional design with high-precision technology. Hydrostatic guides guarantee maximum dimensional accuracy in grinding tasks with interpolating axes.

High positioning speeds and accuracies are assured by direct drives for the rotary axes. Generous X and Z axes strokes in combination with the platform concept for grinding head positions and dressing systems ensure universality and allow application-specific configurations.

The proven integral transportation concept (hook machine) has been retained and reduces machine commissioning times and ensures a compact installation area. Durable hydrostatic guides and energy-efficient concepts guarantee a highly secure capital investment.

The following may be added to the KELLENBERGER 1000 for further increased manufacturing capacity:

  • Increased coolant pressure up to 10 bar
  • Interface for fire extinguisher system
  • Automatic door drive
  • Replacement aid for grinding wheels and tailstock

FANUC control system 31i

A large 19″ TFT touchscreen display is the gateway to the highly advanced FANUC® 31i control system.  Allowing for graphic programming, the ability to import DXF files, storage for up to 99 individual grinding wheels, a readout of expanded process data, program testing with active collision monitoring, and more, the KELLENBERGER 1000 grinding machine’s Windows-embedded, Profibus DP-equipped control system is among the most sophisticated in the world.  Specifically designed to handle extremely complex grinding tasks, onboard KEL-GRAPH software automatically generates technical data and allows users to program the Kellenberger® 1000 grinding machine in new, previously impossible ways, further bolstering KELLENBERGER as the industry leader in process automation and Industry 4.0/IoT integration.  Self-correcting systems, high-resolution vision systems, tool laser measuring technologies, machine learning, high-resolution probing and measurement systems for automated machining, multi-spindle technology on one platform, an integrated 20 position tool changer for the automatic tool change spindle (ATC), flexible wheel dressing with a rotary dresser attached to the workhead axis, and onboard machine diagnostics are just some of the next-generation, industry-leading capabilities made possible by the KELLENBERGER 1000’s extremely sophisticated control interface designed specifically for a new era of advanced OD/ID CNC grinding.

Wafer production in the semiconductor industry, capto grinding, OD production grinding, universal ID/OD cylindrical grinding, high-tolerance advanced defense manufacturing, next-generation aerospace engineering, and life-saving advancements in the medical industry are just some of the countless applications in which the KELLENBERGER 1000 grinding machine facilitates in large-scale production manufacturing and continued innovation.