Kellenberger® 100: A CNC Universal grinding machine with a choice of 10 wheel head versions

The KELLENBERGER® 100 universal CNC OD/ID grinding machine is a new, high-performance, and economical grinder for use across medium- to large-scale universal grinding applications.  The Swiss-Made KELLENBERGER 100 grinding machine is highly configurable and offers a plethora of industry-leading options to accommodate the widest range of universal grinding operations across the semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, high-end tool and die industries, and beyond.

Main specifications metric
Distance between centres mm 600 / 1'000
Centre height mm 200
Weight of workpiece between centres kg 100 / 150
Load on chucked work Nm 100 / 200
Mains voltage required V 3 x 380V/50 Hz / 3 x 460V/60Hz
Power consumption depending on equipment A 35-63
Space required / length x width mm 2620 x 2170 / 3400 x 2170
Longitudinal slide: Z-axis
Travel mm 750/1150
Rapid traverse speed m/min 20
Resolution µm 0.1
Wheelslide: X-axis
Travel mm 365
Rapid traverse speed m/min 10
Resolution µm 0.1
Swivel devices
Swiveling range ° 280
Automatic indexing ° 1
Resolution B-axis ° 0.1 seconds
Wheelhead general
Oil-air lubracation spindle kW 11.5
Wheel constant speed m/s 50 / 63 (option)
Max. wheel diameter mm Ø 500
Internal grinding attachment
Bore for spindles up to mm Ø 150
Internal grinding wheel power kW 7.5 - 15
Oil-Air lubricated grinding spindle max, speed min-1 45'000 / 60'000 / 90'000
Workhead 100 / 150
Resolution C-Axis ° until 0.00003
Rotation spindle speed min-1 1 - 1'000
Drive torke Nm until 63
Interface MT5/ISO702-1, size 5
Roundness accuracy in chucked work µm until 0.2
Internal taper MT4
Retraction of sleeve mm 49
Micro-adjustment µm ±30 / ±75

The KELLENBERGER 100 grinding machine features an aesthetically and ergonomically advanced design; its clean and modern appearance relays its perfection and technical superiority in accordance with the other members of the KELLENBERGER family of grinding machines.  The innovation of a new grinding wheel head offers a choice of 10 versions, along with increased power.

Powered by FANUC® 31i, the KELLENBERGER’s new, high-resolution 19″ industry-leading touchscreen control system is equipped with onboard BLUE Solution “teach-programming,” along with an OBJECT Guide feature that reduces the barrier of entry for machinists, maximizes automation, and allows for guided and simple program creation.  The user interface was developed explicitly for grinding applications by KELLENBERGER’s world-class engineers in conjunction with customer input with the intent to facilitate any user regardless of the individual’s level of machining experience. Drawing inspiration from the skeuomorphic design philosophy, object-driven guides, onboard tutorials, intuitive operation, and AI-driven machine suggestions for parameter improvements, the KELLENBERGER 100 can be operated without any prior ISO programming skills.

The innovative BLUE Solution greatly reduces training costs, minimizes waste, allows for safer operation, increases machine uptime, and further drives automation.  The optional RED Solution enables the user to directly import DXF files, automatically generates technical data, and offers a visual representation of the current grinding wheel position.  An auxiliary handheld panel gives the user quick access to crucial axis and speed selection switches. The cutting-edge operating system interfaces with Microsoft® Windows™ machines for full Industry 4.0/IoT integration to facilitate a future of complete manufacturing automation.

As CNC grinding requirements grow increasingly more complex, only world-class grinding machines will suffice.  As manufacturing demands continue to evolve at a rapid pace, solutions optimized for machine learning and automation are of paramount importance.  For the next generation of precision universal OD/ID CNC grinding and manufacturing, customers can count on the KELLENBERGER 100 universal grinding machine to rise to every occasion and do so while yielding significant cost savings, reduced machine downtime, optimized automation, and even greater precision.

  • Global innovation of a new grinding wheelhead with choice of 10 wheelhead versions
  • optimised design of the machine
  • Higher power of the grinding wheel
  • Increased productivity
  • Redesigned Z-guideways
  • Greater profile accuracy
  • C-axis with direct drive
  • Increased accuracy for noncircular grinding
  • Extended options available as standard
  • High-quality Fanuc 31i control
  • Integrated automatic technology calculation
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Extended range of functions
  • More grinding options
  • Consistent operator guidance
  • Simple and convenient training

FANUC control system 31i-B

  • FANUC 31i-B with 19” touch display
  • Intuitive operation thanks to
    BLUE Solution with Object Guide
  • Clear, self-explanatory screen pages
  • Integrated automatic calculation of technology
  • Capto
  • OD Production Grinding
  • Universal ID/OD Cylindrical Grinding