Quest® Series: Setting the industry standard for part roundness, surface finish, and accuracy.

Hardinge® Quest® Series turning centers are designed for the quick changeovers you need to dramatically reduce setup and cycle times. QUEST-series machines include our patented, interchangeable top plates that you can pre-tool for a particular job or range of jobs and a world-renowned, quick-change collet-ready spindle.

Quest GT27 Quest CHNC 27 Quest CHNC 42
Spindle HP 10 HP (7.5 kW) 10 HP (7.5 kW) 10 HP (7.5 kW)
Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM 8,000 RPM 5,000 RPM
Chuck Size 4" (101.6 mm) 5C
6" (150 mm) 16C
4" (101.6 mm) 5C
6" (150 mm) 16C
4" (101.6 mm) 5C
6" (150 mm) 16C
X-Axis Travel 11.976" (304.2 mm) 12.764" (324.21 mm) 12.764" (324.21 mm)
Z-Axis Travel 11.063" (281 mm) 5C
10.413" (264.5 mm) 16C
12.45" (316.23 mm) 5C
11.80" (299.72 mm) 16C
12.45" (316.23 mm) 5C
11.80" (299.72 mm) 16C
Bar Size 1.062" (27 mm) 1.062" (27 mm) 1.653" (42 mm)
CNC Control Unit FANUC 32 bit 2 liT FANUC 32i FANUC 32i
Approx. Machine Weight 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg) 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg) 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg)
Floor Space 77" x 58.62" x 64.10"
(1,956 mm x 1,489 mm x 1,628 mm)
77" x 58.62" x 64.10"
(1,956 mm x 1,489 mm x 1,628 mm)
77" x 58.62" x 64.10"
(1,956 mm x 1,489 mm x 1,628 mm)

An excellent complement to a Swiss machining operation, QUEST Series is used on thousands of machine installations worldwide and offers enhanced automation capability and automated robotic parts handling capabilities for an outstanding value.

Hardinge’s SUPER-PRECISION QUEST Series turning centers are unlike any gang tool or gang turret machine in that they include our patented interchangeable top plate and world-renowned, quick-change collet-ready spindle.The small footprint is perfect for producing high-quality parts for all industries but standout in medical and aerospace. Every Hardinge QUEST Series turning center undergoes strict certification to assure you that your machine meets the quality standards our customers expect when buying from Hardinge. Depending on how you outfit your machine, it can be used as a stand- alone unit, a higher capacity system with a bar feed, or a fully automated system with a robot combining both versatility and value in one machine.  Some of the enhancements to this next generation machine include 4X faster index time, 172% more X-axis Travel, 18% faster X-axis traverse rate, 57% faster Z-axis traverse rate, more rigidity with FANUC servo turret index motor and 30% less floor space.


  • SP-Series turning centers will exceed expectations with superior .000015”part roundness and 0.000008” (Ra) surface finish

High-precision linear guideways, ballscrews and axis drives

  • The 1”(25mm) hardened and ground, double-nut ballscrews and guide trucks used for the X and Z axes are grease lubricated
  • Fast traverse rates of 708ipm/18mpm on the X-axis and 945ipm/24mpm on the Z-axis (GT 27) provide reduced cycle times

Improved machine maintenance

  • Grease lubrication provides several advantages over way lube oil systems
    • No oil skimmer required
    • No degradation of water-base coolants —Environmentally friendly with no need to dispose of contaminated oil

FANUC 32i-T Control

• Two Interpolating Axes
• Programmable Resolution—.000010”/.00010mm
• Tool Offset Capability—.000010”/.00010mm

  • Inch/Metric Data Selection by G-Code
  • 160 Meters Part Program Storage
  • Part Program Storage (optional) (320, 640 or 1,280 meters total)
  • Data Input/Output
  • MDI (Manual Data Input) Operation
  • Reader/Punch Interface
  • Flash Card (PCMCIA) Capability
  • Ethernet Ready

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