Replace your standard collet or 3-jaw chuck to ramp up productivity. When compared to a jaw chuck, the precision-engineered Hardinge® FlexC Collet Systems allow you to increase the spindle rpm without concern for centrifugal forces for faster setup, changeover, higher accuracy, and a wide gripping range for stock variation. Advanced cutting tools, along with higher feed rates and spindle speeds with our FlexC Collet Systems. Systems available for A2-5, A2-6, A2-8 and some flat-back CNC lathe spindles.


Get the Most Out of Your Investment

FlexC 65 & 80 Adapters are ideal for shops looking for ultimate flexibility! Now in one setup a customer can use multiple workholding options, eliminating costly and time consuming changeovers!

In one setup you can use:

  1. FlexC Quick Change Collets
  2. 5C/16C Collet Adapter
  3. Sure-Grip Expanding Collets
  4. 5C/16C Step Chucks & Closers


Note: Adapters are not Thru hole compatible