Elite Ultra Series (China Only)

For precisely processing small to medium parts, ELITE ULTRA series are one of the most cost-effective machine tools

The Elite Ultra Series are value machine tools for precision hard turning.  With high-precision spindles, high-rigidity machine structures, full closed-loop servo controls and machine heat controls.  These products perform well to maintain work-piece machine accuracy, roundness, coaxial, and surface roughness.  They not just significantly improve the work-piece precision stability and tool lifetime, they can also help you significantly reduce manual intervention in the machining process, enhancing the machine efficiency while lowering work-piece costs.

Spindle Speed 6000 RPM 5000 RPM 4200 RPM
Collet Size 16C 20C 25C
Chuck Size 6" 8" 8"
Turning Diameter 284 mm 284 mm 411 mm
Turning Length 456 mm 456 mm 630 mm
  • It employs the most reliable servo motor and drive system in the industry.
  • The efficient servo motor phase drive system provides excellent machining capabilities for the machine tool.
  • The T-type turret with 12 tool positions is provided as a standard configuration.
  • The non-contact magnetic encoder eliminates the need to use belts and enhances the overall reliability
  • The one-degree indexing function of spindle is available as a standard configuration.
  • The original Hardinge high-precision spindle imported from America is compacted with the unique hardinge “Collet-Ready” structure, so it can utilize 3-jaw chuck or precision spring collets without any adapter.
  • The double-winding spindle motor provides efficient heavy-duty cutting capabilities.
  • Both the machine tool body and all castings are made of high-quality gray cast iron, presenting wonderful rigidity, durability and thermal stability.
  • The environmentally friendly centralized grease lubrication minimizes the overall maintenance costs of machine tool.
  • The heavy-duty linear guide rail system provides optimum stiffness and rigidity, resulting in direct advantages such as greater cutting capability and longer machine tool service life.
  • The heavy-duty double-nut lead screw with fixing, pretensioning and extending functions is of Grade C2 and ensure outstanding rigidity, machine tool accuracy and repeatability.
  • The 30 degree overall tilt machine tool body is designed with reinforcing ribs for additional reinforcement.
  • Featuring a large rectangle hard rail, the fully programmable controlled Morse No. 5 hydraulic tailstock achieves optimum rigidity.
  • All machine tools are strictly detected by lasers as per ISO 230-2 1997 quality standards.

The standard configuration includes:

  • X-axis/Z-axis grating ruler
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Spindle reference point (servo lock)
  • Rigid tapper
  • Runtime and workpiece counter
  • Spindle releasing/clamping pedal switch
  • Chip conveyor interface
  • Swing-type CNC panel
  • Air gun (including quick release connector)
  • Tri-color lamp
  • Complete set of operation manual, programming manual and service manual

Fanuc OiTF or Siemens 828D